Call of Duty WWII Torrent Download

Call of Duty WWII Overview

Call of Duty® returns to its roots with Call of Duty®: WWII – a breathtaking experience that redefines World War II for a new gaming generation. Land in Normandy on D-Day and battle across Europe through iconic locations in history’s most monumental war. Experience classic Call of Duty combat, the bonds of camaraderie, and the unforgiving nature of war against a global power throwing the world into tyranny. Featuring stunning visuals, the Campaign transports players to the European theater as they engage in an all-new Call of Duty® story set in iconic World War II battles.

Call of Duty WWII Torrent Instructions

  1. Click the download button below and you will be asked if you want to open the torrent. Select yes, and let the download start. If you don’t have a torrent application, click here to download uTorrent.
  2. Once Call of Duty WWII is done downloading, right click on the torrent and select “Open Containing Folder”.
  3. Double click inside the Call of Duty WWII folder, extract the .zip with WinRAR.
  4. Download the English language pack here. Extract the english language pack zip file and place the english folder inside the game directory. click YES to overwrite files.
  5. Delete the “simplified_chinese” folder. Launch the CoD_SP application and play!

Call of Duty WWII Torrent Download

Click the download torrent button below to start your Call of Duty WWII Free Download. It is the full version of the game. Don’t forget to run the game as administrator.

cod ww2 torrent



System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 64-Bit or later
  • Processor: CPU: Intel® Core™ i3 3225 3.3 GHz or AMD Ryzen™ 5 1400
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660 @ 2 GB / GTX 1050 or ATI® Radeon™ HD 7850 @ 2GB / AMD RX 550
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 40 GB available space


  • Cro

    You must make sure you follow the instructions carefully! Delete the simplified_chinese folder and download the english pack files. Extract the files, and just place the English folder inside the game directory and click YES to replace. Launch CoD_SP and play! It’s ridiculously easy.. if you’re a noob and having trouble come back to this page a few days later when a Fitgirl repack is available.

    • Muahmmad Arryan

      I don’t get it do we delete the folder and drag the English one in

    • ToxicSmoke

      Are there many seeds cause i started downloading one from another site and the download speed is hardly 150 kb/s

      • ToxicSmoke
      • Kruti Ballav Samantaray

        If its 150 kb/s then unfortunately it will download till the next COD title release
        On the other hand if its 150 KB/s then it will hardly take a week at the most
        Lets hope its the latter

        • 60pound noodle

          mine is 7kb/s

          • 60pound noodle

            wait its actually 1.7kb/s

          • CLASH OF HACKS

            MINE IS 76 MB

          • Anikó Simonicsová Dingha

            mine is 86.60mb/s

      • Asyer Raphael

        mine is just max 1mb

        • Ganesh Sapkota

          mine is in 3mb ps

          • Jayant Raoo

            mine is 10 mbps

    • TheRandomToaster™

      Where the fuck is the game directory?

      • 60pound noodle

        its where u installed the game probably in program files x86

    • shankhadeep das

      where is the english pack??

  • Markus Wiggett


    • Loplert

      ur wrong u r second

  • Alex Powa

    multiplayer working? 😀

    • Justin Simmons

      its really hard to crack multiplayer, so that is probably not gonna happen 🙁

      • Alex Powa

        thanks for the reply 🙂

    • Aynex

      lmao bro you have a 60+ bucks game for free you also want multiplayer? do you thought that life is a coconut?

  • Kruti Ballav Samantaray

    Finally something worth downloading

    • Salty Gamer


      • Δημήτρης Λάντζος

        same xddd

    • iamcheap

      same xD

    • CHEWY


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    • Δημήτρης Λάντζος

      same x/ddDDDDD
      best site ever

    • Mine Pc

      same XD sucky sucky

  • Gergely Toth

    Hi finally this game I’m soo happy! but now I1m just waiting for mario odyssey


      mario is only nintendo switch…

      • Kruti Ballav Samantaray

        Emulated huh

        • Viperzen

          Emulation for the Switch is years away, buddy.

          • Kruti Ballav Samantaray

            Yeah man,
            Even though it comes
            It will be Buggy as hell
            And demanding too

  • sanjipower

    seed plox

  • Krzysztof Mazerant

    this game a polish language?

  • Snoop Doge

    Sorry for being annoying but…. when the fuck is Assassin’s Creed Origins coming out????

    • CodeName scythe

      It’s because the crack hasn’t been release because of assassin’s creed origins heavy DRM

      • Snoop Doge

        Yeah but how insane can this drm be? I mean it took 8 hours to crack CoD WW2 and it takes 8+ dates to crack AC Origins? Whatever ubisoft did must be the most insane thing ever. Some peoples games are slowing down because of this drm. WTF UBISOFT?!

        • vnitr0

          You cant exactly complain about Ubisofts DRM, if anything thats a good thing to avoid websites like these. I mean I torrent games all the time, but you cant bitch on Ubisoft for trying to defend their own content :/

  • Panda Fan

    please cro pls do SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY i really wanna play that game

  • Aliiienz

    A amazing game! The qauillity, guns, textures!

  • ruskibio

    well it starts up steam how about dat?

  • Malte Poulsen

    someone pls seed cuz my download is shiet eventhough i have 100mbs internet

  • multimedia bro

    i cant get it.pls tell me what i have to do after deleting simplified chienese folder

    • Dank memes

      you have to download the english pack. when you download it right click the folder and extract. next if you click into the folder you will see a folder called english. drag that into your game directory and it will say replace file, say yes and them click the game setup.. Easy

  • multimedia bro

    i cant find english pack files

  • Tyler

    Why doesn’t zombies work? The only reason I wanted to download this crack! 🙂

  • Noah Salo

    Does zombies work?

  • multimedia bro

    i found everything.just tell me where is game directory and what i have to put in there.dont judge noob.pls reply

  • Leon Sternad

    Where is assassins creed Origins???

  • Freddy Bravo

    thank you so much

  • Freddy Bravo

    plz put assasins creed origins

  • Vaso

    For all you scumbags going for this game. It has Trojan in it. I saw it on accident I bought COD WWII for my PS4, I have a lot of credit cards in my pc and I got amazingly suprise spending every 10 minutes from my credit card. All my accounts are closed, Im right now using my friends account to do this, FitGirl repack is fake, believe me this does not work if it’s work there are a lot chances to have a virus in it

    • infected

      are u stupid? there is 100% no virus and works perfectly

    • Dank memes

      Are you dumb?

    • Brandon Vandiver

      lmao dude your and idiot or just complete noob

    • Jordan Ellar

      i have many fitgirl repack games and not had a problem with any of them you must of clicked a add pop up faking the torrent or something but it was defo not from this site or fitgirl

  • marshmallow pc

    does zombies work?

  • Krzysztof Mazerant

    @disqus_l6nNCkscVp:disqus this game have a polish language please! @

  • Rishav Mitra

    it is working perfectly……..thank u cro

  • Oculus269

    Is there zombies included with this or is it just single player?


    it does not save the game any time i start the game i have to start again from the start

    • Ahris Ali

      same here

    • Jordan Ellar

      are you running by admin? i had this problem with a game a while ago, the problem was i had to run the game by clicking open via admin.


        i ran it with adminstrator yes but still wont save

        • Jordan Ellar

          2 other things i can think off is go to your document folder where your save data should go to then go to your cod folder and then hover over the folder that says “saves” right click then properties and make sure the box that says read only is ticked, if that doesnt work then delete the “saves” folder and manually create a “saves folder” but if that doesnt work i can only suggest you reinstall mate and carefully make sure you installed it correctly

  • Noah Salo

    Why doesn’t zombies work?

  • varenya pool

    cro can you put assassins creed origins

  • ParkChoAh

    I followed the steps properly, why does it keep crashing when I launch CoD_SP?

  • josh_pro33

    FLATOUT 2 HEY CRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yash Deep Singh Gautam

    finally wwII here

  • Muahmmad Arryan

    what do we extract the game folder or the English pack

  • 60pound noodle

    why is it called fitgirl?

    • Jordan Ellar

      thats the people that cracked it, there trust worthy i have a few games cracked by them

    • Matthew Burns

      the girl that u see isn’t really fit

      • Cro

        plot twist; shes a boy

        • lightangel1184


  • Razvan Ducu

    overwatch pls

  • Aidan

    How can i get the nazi zombies and multiplayer with bots? any cracks or ?!?

  • Vleran Muftari

    best game i’ve played in a long time ty cro <3

  • Loplert

    is there multiplayer and zombies??

  • Adam Parker

    When ever I try to open nazi zombies it keeps opening steam! Help please, I really only got this crack for the zombies.

  • Alexandros Ginis

    the game load and when the video finished i have black screen but the sounds work. help please!

  • Pur si simplu Andy

    pls assassin creed origins and thanks is so good this game[80 FPS]

    #CALL OF DUTY WW2 =]]]

  • james

    can you get us need for speed as soon as it comes out.

  • lucas

    if i wanna start CoD_SP than it says that he missing file´s but i install direct x, pls help

  • Jarvis

    is this with multiplayer

  • sqeezyyy

    does it have multiplayer, no one asked

  • Aidan

    How come Nazi zombies don’t work?!?! Any cracks etc to be able to play it?? only reason i downloaded this. beat the story mode, now want zombies

  • MercyyFFS

    what the actual fuck it has been cracked this fast

  • Yannickkk

    Thank you! 🙂

  • andre

    when i download it it said missing files but i did everything as said and it said missing code i dont know wat to do help

  • Jeppe Clausen

    can you play online or is it only singleplayer

  • multimedia bro


  • Hobi

    when i go into the story just as im about to get off the boat a box pops up with memory error 8 1803 and turns the game off

    • DanDustEmOff

      Same here, plays for a couple of minutes and shuts down. Did you find a fix?

  • rock

    i see a black screen while entering into game help me

  • Marco Haidar

    hey cro
    does fortnite work
    just asking

    • aquaamo

      fortnite is free

    • sonrize Wells

      This has to be a troll

  • 60pound noodle

    it says menu content not available pls help

  • Shawn Paul

    Where is Assassin’s Creed Origins CRO

  • Yannickkk


  • NotaFace

    Please add 7 days to diee

  • Samuel Derome got some Uplay accounts that i have cracked that have assassins creed origins on them, join the discord channel and we will work this out.

    • wo1f gaming tm

      M8 REALLY!!

  • Nalla boy

    hey will you be uploading destiny 2?

  • Harsh Arya

    overwatch plz

  • fishman tomer

    please help
    after running CoD_sp
    its give me
    Fatal Error
    what does that mean and how can i fix it?

    • José Roque

      Same here

  • Napraider

    it did not work!!!!! HELP PLZZ

  • Salty Gamer


  • Brandon Heeps

    Yay! You saved the day! We can now play cod wwii free!

    Lets wrek some noobs

  • Rasmus Lepp

    Theres no CoD_exe for me.

  • tej karia

    hey i tried to replace the chinese files but it stopped the program from running. i dont know what to do pls help

  • Pim Spätjens

    I deleted the simplified_chinese folder, Placed the English pack in the folder, replaced the files. Launched the CoD_SP file, but I got the following message
    Fatal Error


  • Alpay

    Please do Need For Speed Payback


    Assassin’s creed Origin Please !!!!!!!!!!!!1 PLZ PLZ PLZ

    • Pawan thapa Krishna khadka

      bro its not downloading from torrent

  • Pawan thapa Krishna khadka

    it is saying content protected

  • someone

    i fixed the MENU_CONTENT_NOT_AVAILABLE error. just double click with left mouse button on the Call.of.Duty.WWII.English.Files en copy the english folder, then do it in the Call.of.Duty.WWII.Digital.Deluxe.Edition.CRACKED folder. thats it.

    • Penis

      Doesnt work for me

  • shots fired

    I finished this game in like 5 hours by enjoying it this game is lit af and its very graphic for the game remaster

  • wo1f gaming tm

    anyone else eternally loading?

  • ThBananaPeel

    it will not let me delete the simplified_chinese folder

    • Prozos IV


      • king

        same here

  • anonymous

    how to ply nazi zombies? when i start zombies it crashes game and goes to steam. how to fix this?

  • Jarvis

    is zombies playable

  • Prozos IV

    where is the game directory ???

  • Prozos IV

    cant dlete the chienese

  • Taylor Centeno

    whens the fitgirl repack coming out?

  • Roni Karvanen

    i hope this works cuz its gonna take forever for me to download it

  • lightangel1184

    ! Cannot rename C:UsersAlex ConstableDownloads__rzi_0.765 to C:UsersAlex
    Access is denied.

  • Hobi

    zombies doesnt work for me, as soon as i click on it it takes me to my desktop as if its crashed. anyone know why or how to fix it ( CoD_SP)

  • Osama Rashid

    Hi I played the game
    And it is the best game ever but the game got hang on the 5 mission and only the background sound is playin
    Please help me to solve this problem

  • Eric Prill

    how long does it take to download

  • Adam Manbraw

    Is there multiplayer in this?

  • Kanna_Tenshi

    Hi Thanks for the game.
    The game works but during the first cut scene, it freezes when talking to his friends, I checked my system requirements and all are no problem.
    I followed the instructions right already, any idea why it freezes?

  • Leon Sternad

    Help with MENU_CONTENT_NOT_AVAIBLE plssssssss

  • Karan

    Error missing msvr 120 dll after downloading this another error occur

  • king

    why cant I delete the simplified Chinese file? cro u have to make a video on how you do this

  • Nathan Drake

    Please help it says cod wwii has stopped working.

  • vai no

    can you play online?

  • Orvil Vreden

    U Can’t play nazi zombies Cro???

  • Paksi Bálint

    how can I play multiplayer and can I play with tunngle ?

  • mouad arsalane

    how to dowload nazi zombies and multiplayer add on ?

  • Nagbhushan Hanagandi

    will it work on NVidia 940 mx

  • スタンリーです

    just follow the instruction and it works like a charm

  • iu ui

    menu content not found pls helpme!!!

  • iu ui

    menu content not found please hepl me!!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon Miller

    When I try and play Multiplayer it takes me to WWII on Steam.

    Please Help Me.

    Thank You,


  • Abbey McGinty

    why when I try to launch does it say MENU-CONTENT-NOT-AVALIBALE

  • tej karia

    when will the fitgirl repack come out

  • Xxx Master
  • freddy the gang

    does the nazi zombie working

  • freddy the gang

    where us the zombie in ww2

  • freddy the gang

    is not us

  • Reflexable Ninja Modz


  • Emzzy Boy

    When will zombies and multiplayer come?

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