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How To Properly Download Games from


  • Before downloading anything from this site, you will need a torrent application to download your games from. You can download and use uTorrent here which is a completely free torrent client.
  • Visit any game page and click on the green “Download Torrent” button.
  • After you click on the “Download Torrent” button, your browser will ask you if you would like to open uTorrent. Click “Open uTorrent”.

  • If nothing happens after you clicked the “Download Torrent” button, make sure uTorrent is opened or try using a different web browser and/or reinstall a different torrent client.

  • Click OK once uTorrent launches. Now you will right click on the torrent, hover over “Bandwidth Allocation”, then click “High”. This will make the downloading process as fast as possible.


  • Once the download is finished. It will show “Seeding”. Leaving the torrents to seed will help other users download the game faster. The more seeders, the quicker the download. You can choose to stop the seed or leave it running. To stop seeding, right click the torrent and click “Stop”.
  • Right click on the torrent and click “Open Containing folder”. It will ask you if you want to open the folder. Click Yes.

  • Follow the instructions of your game on the game page. Install the game, have fun and play! 😊
  • Belal Ismael

    Seeding takes very long time

    • Cro

      That’s normal you just have to right click and click open file location

      • Lc brown

        on black ops 2 can u play online?

      • Ishaan

        Hey Cro pls tell me how can i run INSIDE and no man’s sky on Windows 10 pro
        Pls i dont know what the hell happened but it just cant run although i ve disabled the antivirus tooo pls help me out

  • iamcheap

    Cro which games have multiplayer patch in it?

    • thunder agar

      modern warfare 2



  • Kristoffer Jaral

    why does u guys not add multiplayer in the games?

  • Oliver Vas

    Is there any game with multiplayer?

  • Asad Chauhan


  • Asad Chauhan

    hy gayz please tell me about fifa 14 problem when i start the game an error appears and error is that E0001

  • Asad Chauhan


    • Crimson_Law

      It’s “Guys” not “GAYZ”

  • glyh22

    Cro can you play multiplayer in watch dogs 2 and gta 5 ?

    • Christian Keehner

      they should multiplayer r6

    • Crimson_Law

      I tried playing Multiplayer. Didn’t work in both.

  • Jeiaun

    Hi, I downloaded the game and and after I’m installing the game it stopped at certain percent and it says unable to write data on the disk…. Unarc.dll returned an error code. Help me please.

    ps: I follow all your instruction and still cant install the game

    • Crimson_Law

      As said go to your Torrent and do Force Checkup, if that fails re-install the game.

  • OBJ Nick

    what do i do if it looks stuck

  • Crimson_Law

    I installed GTA IV and it got me 1 Trojan, 2 Tracking Viruses and 1 Adware…

    Adware was active, so I installed Malwarebytes.

    Seems like when I installed GTAIV it also installed ByteFence which slowed down my PC, Made some shit in my C: Drive called “PUP.Optional.ByteFence” and it has 3362 of those files so malwarebyte is removing it rn.

    I recommend you put GTA IV out of this site untill you have checked and confirmed nothing malicious is inside of it.

    Thank you, and please do it because it can harm peoples PCs.

    Also I checked when MalwareBytes was installed and it said the same date when GTA IV was. 5/21/2017.

    One of GTA IV Trojans: (Picture)

  • TheIOS legend

    Helo! Can someone help mee? I downloaded watch dogs 2, everything is ok, but when I open program its loading and then the program closes. I made it Run as administrator, but its still crashes.

    • Crimson_Law

      Computer doesn’t met hardware requirements.

  • Oliver Young

    hey cro i need help please i installed spintires and all that comes up is to burn it to a dvd how do i change that ??

    • Oliver Young

      it does it for all 6 games i got pls help me ..

  • preet

    hey cro I installed forza horizon 3 and even on the lowest possible seetings the game is running at 10 fps and alo showing artifacts. I have a ryzen 5 1600 and a gtx 1060 6 gb

    • Matt Luxford

      Shiza, my graphics card is the same and it runs perfectly

  • Mateo

    Pls help somebody i downloaded and installed dark souls 3 but i cant open it, it says: ”This app cant run on your pc, to find a version for your pc, check with the software publisher” pls help

  • navnav

    i did download and then it asked me to open something (not utorrent) and i did open it all the time and now i cant download games anymore pls helpppp!!!!

  • aaron

    When i opened my NARUTO ULTIMATE NNJA STORM 4 , the screen was white but there was a naruto’s game sound.only thegame sound, but no screen. help

    • Emmanuel Salas

      well it work for me might want to try it again

  • Drgnslyr208

    So what games are their versions that can use online gameplay? and also is it just me or does naruto ninja storm 4 online player search not work?

  • WheresMyMailbox

    So everyone is telling me that CroHasIt is legit, and not to use the torrents, as they are unsafer. How true is this?

  • Sachin Chaurasia

    I really appreciate the admin of this website, that the updated/New games are now easily available using this website.

  • Pryingmoth

    I downloaded assassin’s creed unity and when i open it it only plays for 15 mins or so then it crashes and I have to boot it back up. It saves my progress but is really anoying can someone please help?

    • Skyonic

      if its NoSteam i can help u

  • Zach Bauman

    ever time i try to download a game it says download failed “the operation timed out”

    • Nads Mad

      We’ll try again matey

  • Somnath Mr

    please upload this game – assassin’s creed 3 the tyranny of king washington (dlc) i need this game please please please

  • Shadowlord 101

    thanks whoever made this website it has helped me a lot 🙂

  • Sunny Siddiqui

    There is a huge problem in your game “life is strange”.
    I do the same thing this website tells me to do but:
    Many of the games’ .dll files are missing like msvcr110.dll and msvcp110.dll etc.
    Even if I fix these two .dll errors it then says that:
    The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00007b). Click ok to close the program.
    Please fix this problem and as always thank you for all the good games, best website ever.

  • Muhammad Karimov

    will you get caught for copyright for downloading?

    • Matt Luxford


  • Nads Mad

    I can’t play online either on GTA v or sims 4 someone pls help now

  • Mine CroveII

    THis is cool

  • Robert Jones

    When ever I try and start up a game it says a dsl.100 file is missing and i have installed a dsl file and moved it to the games folder but it still wont work. Does anyone have suggestions?

  • Christian Frölich

    Dishonored 2 does not work for me, it starts but after the loading screen when the main menu comes the game crashed… always . Can some1 help me?

  • The Rainbow Six Noob

    Is there a way to download crotorrents on a mac I really want to know because I can’t find anything about it on the internet

  • NeoNuke

    I downloaded Warhammer 40k dawn of war 3 and I can’t play vs AI why ?

  • Alexandra Ionescu

    creatives pro

  • Viktor Dal

    When i download call of duty MWR everything is fine but later when am in the setup and downloading when it reach 13.3 it stop and say “Failed data download” somebody help me with this

    Thank you

  • lewis

    I have recently installed far cry primal and it used to ask me for a CD key then i installed direct x and now it loads up like it should do then just disappears and i have waited for hours and it has not loaded up can any one help me? Thanks if you can.

  • Ombeni Mlagha

    i have bit torrent and u torrent downloader so can you help me how to make u torrent as my default downloader to this website

  • Terminator T-900

    how to download mods i have fallout new vegas and i can’t instal mods on nexus

  • Syed Mamunur Rashid

    Oh ok

  • Rainbow Guy

    umm anyone else got isdone.dll error? i even turned anivirus and windows firewall of and got the isdone.dll file

  • Clifford Norman Sauve

    How do we update the games

  • Mrmcboss

    when I clicked on setup it told me I don’t have the right permision

  • Boris Baric

    i downloaded assetto corsa completely and when i want to install the game i wait bout 2.5-3 hours to get to the bout 80 percent then it just crashes and says ‘launcher has stopped working correctly’
    and i downloaded outlast and it installed great but when i want to open it it says that some data has missing pls help, but for the rest of the games i downloaded in couple of months works correctly and fine…great site btw.

  • Gurpreet Singh

    Sniper elite 3 shows virus

  • Stan26

    Hey Guys, how to update the Games?

  • Vraj gajjar

    Cro please add counter strike 1.6
    With multiplayer!!

    • Lony IsHere

      You can download couter strike 1.6 from other sitdes like

  • Marios Ashikkis Apollon


  • Leandro Rodrigues Castanheira

    i cant play plague inc. because it say’s that i must run Steam how i do that?

  • Red Haired Shanks

    I just downloaded prototype but setup always crashes so i cant install.. can someone help me?

  • kieren

    what do i do when i click the torrent download button but no happens and it tells me : “Alert! Content is protected !!” pls help me. that was for GTA 5

  • Raj Ne Esh

    It needs a password or something to unpatch it ????

  • Anikó Simonicsová Dingha

    heyy please gta 5 for win 10 pubg for win 10 and assaince cread orgins for win 10

  • b4j01

    please help me i installed dirt 4 and when it is done i got a “game.nefs” file problem i dont know how to fix it please tell me how to repair it or give me the file

  • Shakeel Shah

    For Honour & GOD of war Games add Cro

  • Password

    How do i install the Sims 4 dlc

  • Leezabrown Leeza

    help i keep getting a de3382ced error

  • BLA BLA BLA jr

    when i start ac syndicate it crashes.what to do anyone please help me?

  • Andrej

    I downloaded COD world war 2 and when it gets to the point on the start of the game when you start following your captain and when your friend say first normandy than reihn or something like that my game crashes can some1 help me.btw sorry for my bad english

  • Wiaan Duvenhage

    how do I just get Episode 3 of Batman enemy within, because i already downloaded Episode 1-2 beforehand

  • denis

    battlegrounds singel player how to find downald

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