“Missing DLL error”


This type of error is very common among newcomers. Many people that install a game often don’t know they need DirectX or other programs. If you get a missing dll error when trying to run a game, make sure to download all of the following programs ↓

DirectX →

vcredist_x86 →

vcredist_x64 →

If you still get a missing .dll error even after you installed all the necessary programs, then that means your anti virus program or windows defender deleted that specific .dll file which games the game run. Make sure to allow permissions of the games you downloaded on your anti virus, or simply just disable your anti virus and reinstall the game.

“I’m missing files after I downloaded a game?!”

After your game torrent is done downloading, always right click the torrent and click “Force Re-Check”. This will scan the torrent you downloaded and make sure no files are missing for the games. If there is a missing file, it will automatically download any missing parts.

It is also important to remember anti-viruses and/or windows defender could detect a false threat in a game and automatically delete the file without you knowing. So make sure you always allow your anti virus to accept the game, or simply disable it.

“My Game Won’t Save And/Or Crashes!”

Sometimes your game might not save for whatever reason, but to solve it, all you need to do is just run the game as administrator. ALWAYS run the game as administrator to prevent crashes and saving problems!

Right click the game you are playing > properties > compatibility > tick ‘Run this program as administrator’ > click Apply and OK


“I downloaded the torrent of the game and it’s a .iso? What do I do?”

When using torrents, some games will be in a .iso format. No worries though – you can simply right click the .iso and click “Extract to..” just as if it was a .zip file. (To do this you must have WinRAR installed). Follow the instructions, install the game and play!